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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Killer's Kiss (Part 1)

She stumbled upon them, in the stable, locked in a torrid embrace. Their mouths exchanged torrid seas of saliva. Their eyes, wild, savage, bore into each other, the flesh as one. Her husband's neckerchief had unravelled, revealing a heaving chest of dark hair. The other, the other clasped her husband's buttocks as though they were rocks on a cliff face, holding him aloft. And there it was, the word of damnation - HIM. Her husband, exchanging bodily fluids with another man, their groins treetrunks, heaving at the zippers of their corduroys, desperate to spring free and sing the song of passion, the song of the ciganos! Maria Serrano Pinheiro's hand grasped her own throat, as if she wished to strangle herself, as if she wished to die!
There would be death tonight, but no, it would not be hers. Tonight was a night for revenge. Torrid revenge.

(15/07/10 - 20 or 30 shots were fired in a fued between gypsy families of the Lisbon bairro of Carlos Botelho, injuring a number of people, after Maria Serrano Pinheiro found her husband kissing another man. Torridly.)


  1. 20 or 30 shots fired? that is the news? not 20 or thirty rounds penetrated gypsies-- 5 dead 3 critically injured? I suppose gay gypsies can't hit anything unless the phrase, "pull it out and cum on my back" is proffered. (zing)

  2. You are a tinker, Wrestler. You don't even have gypsies in the US! (Does that make you better or worse than us - can't remember)

  3. in a round a bout sort of way, ginksy, by calling me a tinker you have, indirectly called me a gypsy. should have gone with tosser.