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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Heavy Psychedelia

Once upon a time, in spite of intrigues and niggling calamities along the way, our species seemed to be heading inexorably in the direction of some kind of blissful nirvana. This was called the 1990s. The end of the millennium appeared to herald the absolute, crushing triumph of the species, with only the spectre of solar radiation (a 'hole in the ozone layer'? How cute is that!) threatening to ruin the party. And what a party it was!
I can't say how the following years, 2001 to now will be judged, but I get the feeling the learned among us will view this millennium (for those that celebrate the Gregorian calendar, while those that don't are surely regarding this as no more than the continual slide into the murk) as an Absolute. Fucking. Disaster.
How do you feel about that? A hole? We are the hole. I feel glued to the spot, tied to the train tracks, no matter how much moving around I do. I feel suspended over an abyss, feet dangling, even if I'm on solid ground. I feel stupid, even if I'm smart and have the gadgets to prove it.
If anything, my joy feels keen and technicolor. My heart is beating a little louder. At least there's that.
The 1976 poster above, is by Tadanori Yookoo, a Japanese graphic artist, for the cosmic soul band Earth, Wind and Fire. Check out his work. Welcome to the new psychedelia, fellow earthlings. Welcome to 2014. It's heavy.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Wild Christmas

In 2013 my family got smaller. In 2013 my heart got bigger. In 2013 my art got popular. In 2013 my popularity got knottier. In 2013 my knots got righter. In 2013 my writing got lovelier. In 2013 my love had to travel long distances, but is not afraid.