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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Boys and girls come out to play.

- "Why are they staring at us like that?"
- "Because they think you're a fat ugly little girl."
- "Don't say that."
- "Look. Jemima's starting to cry."
- "Stupid, she can't cry. We can't cry. Our faces just melt. Look at Benjamin."
- "Shut up. I wasn't crying."
- "Ugly Benny! Ugly Benny!"
- "They left me out too long in the sun. It's not my fault..."
- "Stop picking on Benny. He's my friend...."
- "You two are one pretty picture. You make me sick, Poppy. You always take sides. You make me want to tear off my clothes and break the glass."
- "You think I don't hate this too? I've been standing here gathering dust for years. They've never changed my clothes not once. It's like death. There's no air and it's hot."
- "I want my mommy."
- "Oh Jesus, there goes Jemima again."
- "Jesus won't save you, stupid. We're not even alive. We just think we are. Mommy won't save you either."
- "Just stop her whining. It sounds like a drill in my head."
- "You never had a mommy Jemima. Or a daddy."
- "Shut up Katy! Don't scare her. The shopkeeper is your daddy, Jemima sweetie."
- "He is? Really? He's strange. I don't understand. He pulls down my knickers and he touches me."
- "He touches me too."
- "Ha ha! Ugly Benny has an admirer! Benny and Jemima!"
- "We know, you idiots. We see everything."
- "If he's our daddy, why does he touch me and Benny?"
- "Oh don't listen to her. Katy's just mad. Since you came along, little fat Jemima, daddy doesn't notice her any more."
- "Ugh. Why are you so horrible to me, Polly? What did I do to you?"
- "Because you are dead inside. Look at your reflection in the glass."
- "I want to be like you Katy when I grow up."
- "No you don't Jemima."
- "But where did I come from? Please. Help me."
- "From a dark, dark place little girl..."
- "Stop it everyone, someone's coming to look! Daddy will hurt us if we don't sell something. Look happy. Look pretty, Jemima. Just don't look them in the eyes. Then you'll see. Don't look them in the eyes..."