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Monday, August 16, 2010

"A happy place, in a sunny fairy land." (Killer's Kiss Part II)

(Notorious gnome cruising ground)

And King Ghob, His Majesty King of the Gnomes, speaking from his Portuguese fairy castle, on YouTube did say, "I am ready for the end of the world, and I tell ye, it shall happen on December 21st of the year 2012, and the world shall be filled with pestilence and genital herpes, and to all those boy lovers, fickle and with treachery in their bewitching gaze, who dare to leave us for the fairer sex, they, well they shall be first to suffer with eternal bad hair and slingbacks that chafe but till then, OMG, Fashion Clinic has a sale with the most gorgeous Prada bags going for a STEAL I bought FOUR and they look FABULOUS at Urban Beach and did you see Luis Figo totally waxed his chest duh! Fashion DON'T, gurl! Whatever! Um... where was I?"

(Reputed final broadcast on YouTube from murderer and self-titled Gnome King, Francisco Leitao, which never quite made it on air)

This reclusive Portuguese 'serial killer', self-proclaimed King Ghob, King of the Gnomes, and owner of a scrap metal merchants, was arrested for the murder of one teenage boy lover and his new girlfriend, and the girlfriend of yet another lover who did the same. Leitao regularly videod himself on You Tube performing magic rites and often proclaimed the end of the world was nigh, but that may just have been because he owed over one million euros in unpaid back taxes.