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Monday, December 26, 2011

2 0 1 1

Shall be known as the year in which everything we took for granted as infallible, the pillars upon which we had built our society and accessorized our sense of worth, the status symbols, our aspirations, the glint of gold in our wallet, all that, were shown to be as ludicrous as a single bowl of rice in famine-ravaged dustbowls.

Shall be known as the year in which the new generations, whether you thought them shallow-minded or young, dumb and full of cum, vilified or venerated, got angry and took to the streets. The old power has never looked so flimsy and foolish. It shall be known as the new '68.

Shall be known as the year I got married in England to my American partner, after seven years, but still in the Land of the Free our relationship is not recognised and we haven't rights.

Shall be known as the year I almost died of pneumonia and in the fever dream I got writing again, and in those dreams my mom talks to me, after her death 17/08.

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